wooden houses located in the beautiful Masurian village


Chaty Mazur there are the newly built, charming, detached wooden houses, located in the beautiful Masurian village Wierzba on the peninsula surrounded by three lakes – Beldany, Sniardwy and Mikolajskie. We are surrounded by forests and lakes, therefore in our area there are a lot of bicycle routes as well as walking and nature paths.


Our facility is a great offer for fishermen, sailors, cyclists and mushroom pickers. At a distance of 200 meters there is a hotel with restaurant, bar, grill and the only active ferry on the waters of Masurian lakes. This is a rope passenger and car ferry connecting two shores of Lake Beldany.

Rope ferry

The ferry trip is an interesting tourist attraction but also significantly shortens the way to Mikolajki. The ferry runs on May picnic holidays and from June to the end of September.

Nearby tourist attractions

  • Mikolajki (35 km or 7 km by ferry): Tropikana Aquapark and famous sails harbor.
  • Ukta (20km): canoeing trips along the Krutynia River are considered to be the most beautiful canoeing routes in Poland
  • Pranie (18km): forester’s lodge of Konstanty Ildefons Gałczynski, where in July and August poetic song concerts and poetry recitations take place;
  • Popielno (1.5 km): Museum of Nature;
  • Galindia (30 km or 6 km by ferry): The Galind’s settlement will provide tourists with an unforgettable, adventurous trip to the world of the past in which the brave Galindian tribe lived;
  • Kadzidlowo (27 km or 9 km by ferry): Wildlife park – in the area of several hectares you can see animals living in the native forests of Masuria and around and from all of the world;
  • Swieta Lipka (60 km): St. Mary’s Sanctuary from XIV century, run by Jesuit fathers with beautiful concerts on baroque organs;
  • Gierloz (45 km) (by ferry and via Mikolajki): Wolf’s Lair (Wolfschanze) – former war headquarters of Adolf Hitler;